Bar Billards Table

I was commissioned to build a Bar Billiards table by a friend who wanted a table game, but had limited space when the game was in play.

Bar Billiards is the perfect table game in this situation, as it is played from only one end of the table, allowing the table to be positioned against a wall.

The table was built using a design that conforms to the regulations of the All England Bar Billiards Association.

Constructed predominantly from 18mm Birch Plywood, the table is in two parts to allow it to be moved more easily.  It is very heavy and a trolley was also constructed to allow easy movement of the table from the garage to the house.

Materials such as the cloth and cushion rubbers were sourced from Masters Traditional Games. The authentic felt gives a quality feel, and the other parts use really finish off the look of the table.

The woodwork is finished using Tung Oil, which provides a lasting durable protection for the wood.

I did not use slate for the base of the table as this would have been extremely heavy and add significantly to the overall cost of the table.

A table similar to this, built to your own specification, starts at £1800.

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  1. terry

    looks great nice job

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