Dining room built in storage

With so many possessions around the house, storage can often be a problem.  Cupboards and wardrobes bought from IKEA or B&Q can seem like a quick fix, but often they don’t make best use of the space.

These fitted cupboards utilise every last inch of space within the room, providing a vast amount of storage for everything from bicycles to printers, books to clothing. The cream coloured unit even contains a fold down bed!  See my Fold Down Bed project for more details on that!

I designed the units to fit into the space, with a number of different purposes.  The large cupboards are 1m wide, holding the largest of items.  Internal shelves can be fitted at any height, allowing you to customise the inside for the stuff you have to store.  I utilised a number of miniature IKEA drawers, colour coded to the rest of the units, to provide storage for the smaller things – batteries, keys, power adaptors… the list goes on!

A unique detail is the storage at floor level, underneath the main cupboards, ideal for heavy things such as power tools or gym weights – the doors in the plinth hinge upwards and the height of these was determined by the height of the skirting board in the room.

The sliding door units hide a bookshelf, again custom made to fit the height of the books.

This kind of project will take time to bring together, and I will cut and test assemble in my workshop, before fitting on site.  You can either chose to have the units painted prior to fitting, or save some money and paint them yourself.

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