Pilates Towers

My partner Sam is an experienced Pilates teacher, running her own Pilates studio – Victoria Park Pilates – in Hackney, London.

After the Victoria Park Running Club had completed an amazing renovation of the space that she uses, she decided that in order to be able to offer her clients a differentiated experience to that at other Pilates studios, she wanted to install Pilates Tower stations within the space.

My Pilates tower is similar to a Pilates Cadillac, however it is mounted vertically against a wall instead of being freestanding.  After a lot of research, we determined that we could design and build our own version of the Pilates Wall Tower, and add additional features to make the most of the space we had.

I worked with Sam to design the equipment, then took on the daunting task of manufacturing 8 separate stations for the studio.

These custom made towers were constructed from heavy duty galvanized steel handrail tubing and industrial tube clamp connectors.  Once completed, they were powder coated by Euromark Finishing here in Margate.

I then handmade the ancillary components, such as Push Through Bars, Roll Down Bars, and Handles, using Birch plywood, Beech dowel, and 4mm thick leather hide for the straps.

The units were finished off with genuine Body Control Trapeze springs, and installed into the new studio.

Clients who have used the Towers so far have been delighted with them, providing additional challenge during class and support to enable special exercises to be completed.

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