Fixing Things

Accidents happen and things get broken.  Or you might have found some treasure in the loft that needs a bit of TLC.  Don’t bin it – drop me a line and let us see if we can rescue it. I love to fix broken furniture – it’s great for the environment and so satisfying to provide a new lease of life to items around the home.

A chair or a table with a leg hanging off? Often things can be reinforced with new wood and then glued and screwed back together.

Found some furniture that you want to bring back to life? An old set of drawers that aren’t as smooth as they were, can often be fixed with a new set of runners.  Or are parts missing from something – I can make a replacement and get it back into use!

Is that dressing table looking a bit tired?  Upcycle it with a sand down, renewal of hinges, and paint it in a new colour to match your decor.

So whether it’s something on the list above, or something completely different, drop me a line today to discuss!

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