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With so much choice on the high street, some people question why bother making one off things these days. There are still plenty of times when only a bespoke item will do they job. The satisfaction from making something from scratch to the specification provided by a client is great, so if there’s something you need me to make, drop me a line!


Custom made shelving is a popular choice to seamlessly fill in an alcove or space within your home. Or a standalone unit that fits an awkward space.


Fully fitted cupboards such as those shown in my Dining Room Storage project can make great use of space in large or small rooms


A custom made sideboard can be built specifically to fit into a space, and to match the colour of the decor in your room.  My Sliding Door Sideboard project is a great example of this kind of thing


A fold down ‘Murphy Bed’ makes a space more versatile – a bedroom when you need it, an office the rest of the time. We’ve got one in our dining room that you wouldn’t even know was there, until you open it up and you end up with a full size double bed with a proper comfy mattress.


My Bespoke Bar Billiards table was built for a friend, when he found that there wasn’t anyone making them at a reasonable price. Loads of pictures on my Bar Billards Table project page!  I’d be happy to build another, or something similar, if it’s something you’d like!

website example

Need a website for your business…?! – In a slight curveball to the rest of the things I do, I created this one, along with several others myself over the past year.  Check out,, and for examples of my web design work!

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